About Charlette



Charlette is an International Pilates Teacher, Yoga Teacher and Exercise Referral Practitioner specialising in back care. She is a qualified Nutritional Adviser, Mindfulness Coach and ME Survivor.

Charlette is the Founder of The POMME Method and Co-Founder of Catch The Yogi.com. Her movement company is called POMME Pilates & Yoga.

Charlette is from the South East of England and currently lives in Bali, Indonesia. She teaches workshops and retreats all around the world, throughout the year.


How can I get in contact with Charlette?

Please email all questions and hello’s to: PommePY@gmail.com

Feel free to ask her any questions, share your ME/CFS story or just say hello.

You are very welcome to send suggestions for the POMME Method blog too, she gets these requests quite often.